Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Synergy Mill: Values and House Rules

The Synergy Mill Makerspace and Community Workshop is more than just a big room with tools in it. It's a gathering spot for communities of amazing people. Creative people. Curious people. Accomplished and experienced people. Friendly and welcoming people. Knowing and working with them has given me a rewarding sense of belonging. I'm proud of the communities we helped develop and I'm committed to continue to provide a space and resources for the people to enjoy.

This is a statement of the values we hold at Synergy Mill:

We foster healthy and sustainable communities of creative people through the culture of making and providing the resources for making.

Our relationships and our community is resilient, authentic, and beneficial when
- Everyone has access to the resources and safe environment to be creative and the opportunity to express their creativity safely to themselves and others
- We accept and honor all people by being inclusive and welcoming them into our community with compassion, respect, listening, encouragement, and support
- We model and reward a culture of transparency, honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and consideration for others

Our culture and our community and our resources are sustainable when
- We continually train and develop people to have the values that develop a legacy of strong relationships and sustainable maker communities
- Everyone takes responsibility for the ethical and moral choices they make for themselves
- Everyone considers and takes responsibility for the outcomes of their own creations and creativity so that these values are upheld
- Everyone gives more than they take

It's my ambition to create an environment that ignites joy. To create an inviting and engaging experience that fuels curiosity. To create the space where imagination compounds ideas and creativity moves ideas from possibility to reality. To create a tangible experience that inspires a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and validation. A place that brings a harvest of fun and profit by developing people to be entrepreneurs that create amazing businesses.

Along with this is a set of "House Rules" guidelines for participating as a member or visitor at the mill. You'll see this posted throughout the shop.

Treat others the way they want to be treated.
Until you know exactly what that is, treat others with care and respect.
Be friendly and develop trust with other members of the community.

Work safely. 
Practice situational awareness.
You look great in safety glasses.
Dress appropriately to use power tools.
WALK confidently and carefully.

Respect the tools and equipment.
Plug in equipment only while you use it.
Report broken or unsafe gear.
Follow directions.

Make as big of a mess as you’re willing to clean up.
Clean up after yourself.

Put things back where you found them.

Kill zombies before taking selfies.
(Maintain the proper priorities.)