Thursday, September 5, 2019

What's with the upside down "∀" in your name?

People often ask about the upside down "A" that I put in my last name.
The simple answer is it's my brand. Distinctive, unusual, catchy, and I thought it was a pretty good representation for me. Plus, it appears that you can read my name upside down a bit easier as well.

A friend, being funny, asked, "What's Naywoah-seven?"

I've been using the notation in my name since the late 1980's, sometime during my stint as a lowly systems analyst at the University of Missouri Computer Science Department. I don't know what prompted me to do it, it just happened.

The actual meaning came to me later. The upside down "A" is a mathematical symbol that means "for all." For instance, when used in set theory, you may use the ∀ to describe "all of the elements of the set." Having been labelled a renaissance man, I thought it fit me well.

So I embraced the brand. It's emblazoned on my shirtsleeves, my watch, my tools, my shoes, my belt, my collar stays, this blog, anything that's uniquely mine.

In fact, there's a big "A" on the top of my truck. That, however, is a different experiment that had to do with Google Maps. The conclusion of that was I found my truck on the map parked outside my house.

There you have it. It's my brand logo that means "all the things that make up Joey."